Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shadows run rampant!

April has come and with it, fabulous weather. We're all in shorts and summer shirts with the windows open. Today was the first day that not only the weather was nice, but that  the wind was tolerable. We took advantage of our window of opportunity to finish a project we started a few weeks ago.

 Way back in March, we started the silhouette project. We walked around and worked so long and hard on our shadows, but the wind was just not feelin' it that day. It almost made away with Preston's pikachu.

Well, anyways, the wind allowed us to carry out our  project and 'deface' downtown =)

An awesome group shot =)


  1. These are great, and a great project.

  2. Fabulous! Artists, thanks for letting me butt in and see what you were doing this week. You are brilliant stars! Go make more art, Josie

  3. That is awesome! Great group of artists!

  4. I have seen this all over pinterest. It inspired our last project. Thanks!!!