Monday, October 10, 2011

Art Lounge visits Jorge Leyva's Studio

My name is Makenzi and last week we went to visit Jorge Leyva’s art studio. It was a great experience to visit a local artist.  We all had the privilege to walk though and talk with Jorge. Towards the end of our visit we all sat down in his studio and did different sketches. We came together when we all had finished sketching and Jorge looked at all of our work. He told each person what he thought of their piece or pieces. I drew a candle surrounded by darkness, to show that no matter how much darkness there maybe in the world the light will always win. The main concept was to say that God will always stomp out that darkness.  Jorge told me that by my drawing he could tell I had a lot of hope in life and that I seemed like someone who wanted to change the world. All which is true. I really enjoyed going to his studio and seeing his art. He is a really cool and funny guy and I’m glad I had the privilege to go.

Hey, I’m Chadan from the creative splash
Last week we went to studio of an artist named  Jorge Jeyva . Now he was telling our group some words of advice. He told me that my landscape drawing was better than my person. The only thing with my person was I just made it up but I was looking at the woods. But he told me “if you want to draw people tell them to sit down and shut up because I’m going to draw you the”.


Hi! I'm Larry and I make things way too complicated……. That was the basics of what he told me. When asked to explain my work I talk waaaay too much!!!  And I believe this! When I try to explain my work I tend to ramble…, so I took his advice and am now just doing quick sketches and letting the work speak for itself.
Hi I'm Kathrine! Jorge Leyva pretty much told me that I was a graphic designer and I have dark insides. Speaking of dark insides... my drawing was of an evil bird glaring at a good bird that was falling into fire, and my second was of a heart with a keyhole for her nose that opened up to a broken person with a knife in his head and his heart, dangling from a chain and thorns all around his feet. I'm gonna start looking more at graphic designart and exploring it. :)

To see more of Jorge's work, click here.

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  1. What a great opportunity! I didn't get a chance to see an artist's studio when I was in high school! Way to soak it up!