Monday, November 19, 2012


i did my background the way i did because i LOVE the beach, alot. I love sitting on the beach on the sand, and swimming in the ocean. i just got a bunch of crazy cool things, and out them together. i did the pearls and "treasure" looking things because i think of pirates and what not would go with the beach.i love the birds, the people, the sun. everything.  so Welcome To My Beach!! -Ruth.

hello people of the internet, Chadan here from the creative splash to tell you a little about this creepy and possibly disturbing image. So basically this is a mini set inspired by death, it depicts death (the robed figure) taking away a woman who is represented my a baby head to the afterlife by going throw a strange field where nothing lives. Scatted in the field are objects the represent lost hopes and dreams.
I chose a fish because it stuck out to me the most and it inspired me to make a fishbowl background with seaweed. I chose to put snakes coming out of it because it made it look unique and i put a top hat on him because it looked cute. He is on a golden pedestal surrounded with  pastel colored puff balls and snakes coming up too him.

I did the background because I was inspired by the Owl City music video "Vanilla Twilight" with the color changing sky. After that, I started gathering things that would go along with the beach theme and the lighthouse. The octopus came first. Then, I gathered the umbrellas and birds. Last came the moss and the pebbles underneath the moss.

My name is Lauren and this is my picture-scape. It's a dinosaur scene (obviously). I'm not really sure what inspired me to make the scene but it turned out pretty good.

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