Sunday, November 10, 2013

Presentation from Local Artist Olivia Givens!

We had the very talented local artist Olivia Givens talk about her art, inspirations, and technique at Art Lounge. She brought some beautiful examples of her art, which can be viewed here oliviagivens

 Olivia creates beautiful, brightly hued, and well blended paintings. Her inspirations are nature and the universe. She showed how it is very important to work while the paint is still wet to blend colors, and which brushed work for different effects. She has worked in a wide range of painting sizes, including tiny little 3inx3in canvases. We thought it would be fun to make a tiny canvas with what we learned, and we think Olivia's demo was very helpful!
This is Caleb's 1st painting! He did an awesome job. Plus how cute is the size of it?!

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