Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Adventures in the Art Gallery

  At the Spiva Center, they currently have in the gallery, work by Linda Mitchell. All of her work has a sense of fantasy and makes one think of childhood with her use of stuffed animals, colors and scenes pulled from a kid's imagination. Below, we picked our absolute faves and wrote a bit about them.

This painting stood out to me the most because it is designed in an old fashioned kind of way and I love anything vintage.
                    -Poison Ivy

This photo drew me to it because of its dark nightly mood. Also, I thought the little bunny in the paper boat was a little cute. -DarthJango
This painting collage type thing is called 'Faith' by Linda Mitchell. I really liked it for its colors and and the sense of fantasy that is has with a wiener dog under the sea. It makes me think of being little and all the crazy scenarios imagination creates.

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