Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Art Adventure....-> DOWN STAIRS!

This particular piece of work of hers instantly captured my eyes because the brilliant colors and the great contrast of the objects in the paintings, and also when you look closely in can see all the mixed mediums in the painting, especially her signature horse by the lake.

                      so... this is sculpted of cloth wood and other stuff...she make's art that is made up of all kind's of stuff. she like to make stuff that look's like stuffed thing's. she is really creative and you can see. this is really creative i think and that's all bye.
I love this painting its a cute pic with a dark twist. From The Tea Sage!

Today at Spiva, our teacher grouped us together to go down to the gallery to look at Linda Mitchell's art! I'd have to say that her art is inspiring and we are loved her mysterious theme. Linda was born and raised in Atlanta in which her family nurtured her early interest in creating art and her love for animals.

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