Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here is a basic overview for the next 8 weeks!

Week 2 Jan. 30 (Vintage Camera) still life painting. Reminder: bring in clothing for next week’s visiting artist! Also, start bringing in old CDs….for a CD mosaic.

Week 3 February 6th Visiting artist Martha Goldman will present her lesson on the wardrobe restyle. You must have your own ‘outfit’ to restyle!

Week 4 February 13th Finish their garments from week 3 and have a ‘fashion show/photo shoot’.  If time allows, students we will draw each other posing in their newly redesigned outfits. Students may also need additional time to finish their paintings from week 2.  SNOW DAY!!!

Week 5  February 20th TBA   (Sketch Idea for clay, finish paintings and fashion blogs)

Week 6 February 27th Make something out of clay. Students will learn how to use hand-building techniques to make something out of clay.

FIELD TRIP: Week 7 March 5th Visit Pheonix Fire Clay studio and tour facility (take ‘greenware’ to be fired).

FIELD TIRP??? Week 8 March 12th Glaze clay (Possibly Move session to Art Walk on March 15th, visit Tyrannosaurs press?)

March 19th Spring Break NO CLASS

Week 9 March 26th Last week, wrap up final projects, return clay. Students take home all artwork from session 5 and finish blog posts!

***Make-UP Week: April 2nd. If we have a snow day, everything moves back one week to the next week. 

The photos below are from week 2. Students drew thumbnail sketches from a still life containing a variety of objects including vintage cameras, animal figurines, and a deer skull. 

A photographer from the Joplin Globe was there to document the class....an article will be featured in the February issue of Joplin Metro Magazine!

After creating several sketches, students transferred the designs to a canvas.

A few students finished their paintings!

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