Friday, February 17, 2012

Wardrobe Remix Part 1

We are going to show you some fun ways to remix your wardrobe!!

Visiting artist Martha Goldman came to Art Lounge last week to demonstrate some amazing fashion ideas.

Project 1
Vintage Applique
Supplies needed: pattern or template sketched on a paper bag, needle, thread, scrap fabric, and an article of clothing from your own wardrobe that needs a MAKEOVER! You could even take an old screen printed tee shirt, and cut out the image, using this method to transfer it to your 'new' project.

How to: 
1. Transfer your pattern to some scrap fabric (we traced in sharpie).
2. Make sure to pre-wash your scrap so that the fabric doesn't buckle.
 3. Cut it out and pin it to the shirt/bag/sweater/skirt that you want to transfer to and sew it on.
4.  Also, stretch your garment onto a piece of cardboard or use an embroidery hoop before you start sewing so that the material is taught.
5. You can hand sew using a whip stitch, or regular stitch, for a more 'vintage' look...or use a sewing machine. Be sure to add paint, a button or felt to embellish and 'finish' the look of the cut-out.

Project 2
Jersey Cotton necklace scarf
Supplies needed: old tee shirts, scissors

How to: Did you know you can cut a ring from an old tee shirt, stretch it a bit and it will roll up into a great little loop that is perfect for a necklace or a layered scarf? So easy! You can cut up lots of colors and layer lots of loops for a necklace, or take a printed tee and make a fat scarf.

Here is a peek at some our our own creations!! We can't wait to show you the finished product, check back soon!!

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