Tuesday, April 9, 2013

January-March Art Lounge 1st Friday Exhibit!

 Whew! We got a LOT done last session, and the art work looked awesome. So we HAD to show off a little! For the 1st Joplin Artwalk of the season we displayed our work. All together it is fun, bright, and very pop.

The Andy Warhol inspired self portraits look so cool all grouped together .

Our last project was a shadow box with silhouttes cut out from black paper, put into repurposed froms that were donated to us from a local store. We all used our own inspiration and ideas to come up with subjects for our silhouttes. This one is based on Lana Del Ray.

Thes were based on Harry Potter characters and funny mustaches.

 This one was all about childhood.

And this bloody work was all about horror movies!

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