Friday, May 3, 2013

Phoenix Fired by Evelyn!

When we went to Pheonix Fired, it was AWESOME. It opened us up to some new art styles and techniques, and we got to make cute little animal bowls in the process!

When we first went half our class was gone, so the next time we went to glaze people who weren't there last time made mini sculptures. The elephant is so cute!

Brody loves mermaids, but he ran out of time to make the rest of her body. She looks like she got attacked by a shark.

Mama owl and baby owl.


We had some extra time, so some of us made pendants for jewelry. Cory made a Day of the Dead skull.

Jake's sea turtle's texture looks legit!

Brent from Phoenix Fired gave us a demo on how to throw on the wheel and build a very large vase. He's got mad skills!

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