Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Graffiti Stencils and Green Graffiti

Graffiti isn't always a crime. Sometimes it's taken to a higher level, and considered public art. We learned about graffiti artist Banksy who is now super famous, and making a ton from his stenciled and spray painted images. We did a project that used a stencil and spray technique. First we had to draw out our design onto poster board.

You have to consider breaking words and shaped up by little lines that keep your text our image readable after you cut it out. Otherwise you end up with a shapeless hole. After we finalized our designs, we carefully cut out the design with an exacto knife.

Rather than use a regular old canvas (or wall, we didn't want to get in trouble), we used old vinyl records. Then we taped on our design and sprayed it onto our records with a plastic adhesive spray paint.

The results were edgy and rocking.

The second half of our graffiti project was making moss paint to make a moss graffiti mural on the side of Spiva. We first drew on landscapes and "ART, IT GROWS ON YOU" with chalk. Then we went over our designs with the paint. They texture was kinda off and it came out more like moss jello. We didn't have much success with it growing but it was fun and something we might try again. Here is a link to a different moss paint recipe. This one might work better. how-to-make-moss-graffiti

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  1. Dear Art Juggler,
    The blend moss with yogurt and paint it on a wall is one of the great internet myths going around. Next time try buying moss (there are several kinds) and cut out the shapes. These you can adhere to a wall. Moss needs a moist and usually dark environment so it won't last forever as it will go into hybernation but if you mist it a few times a day it will stay for a couple of months. If you look at most of the really nice moss graffiti samples, you will see that this is actually how it is done.
    We tried to get it to grow for over a year as did a couple of plant specialists we worked with. There may be species that are more robust but these mosses grow pretty slowly. It is a fantastic idea to create moss art and it can be done just not as a paint unless it is in the perfect conditions which usually are in a dark corner of a garden where it is nice and wet at night and not too bright. Well done anyway!
    Jim Bowes