Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Self portrait fun!

 So, in Art Lounge this week, we made Polaroid self portraits in the style of Danny Brito. It took a bit, but it was major fun. And these are our awesome Polaroids.

It's supposed to be a self portrait of me but I don't think I look as good in real life haha

 Hmmm.... I dunno really what to say. I love music...? I'm an artist, I guess...?

Hi! I'm DarthJango. I made my self portrait to show I like playing videogames and tye-dye.
I also made me look similar to John Lennon because I do and there was tye-dye.

this drawling is of myself looking up some wearing a purple shirt. I'm wearing a purple t-shirt and looking up a little the back round is just two colors.

I designed this self portrait to show off my love for dressing up and zebra stripes.
-Poison Ivy

hey! Im Tea Sage. im a guy who loves and trains in the art of the sword but, enjoys drawing with my GF so i drew myself as a love ninja lol. A little silly but makes me smile.

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