Monday, August 8, 2011

Art Lounge goes to Art Walk

Art walk is a fun time to buy art or just enjoy walking around downtown Joplin. The streets are closed to traffic, so people are free to set up tents and sell whatever they want. (not a time to walk ON art) In this picture, we were eating at Instant Karma.
Instant Karma serves gourmet hot dogs, but if you want to go there on Third Thursday, go early (it gets very packed). None of us liked hot dogs though, we all got pasta. So then why did we go to instant karma?? Because they have paintings covering the walls! Yay for paintings!
                                                             ^ A big painting

A local photographer sets up a fun photo shoot at art walk in his studio. The theme this time was 80s night so we put on REALLY silly costumes and got our photos taken. Check out the other photos from that photo shoot on the 9art facebook page.

                                    We had a lot of fun, but SOME of us are a bit camera shy.

We suggest you check out the next Art Walk, on Third Thursday, every month, downtown Joplin!!

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