Monday, August 8, 2011

What is Art Lounge Like? Part 2....Painting Projects.

Art Lounge is made up of 4 nine week sessions.

The first session was an introduction to blogging, where we designed and named this blog, Art Juggler!

The second session of Art Lounge was all about self-portraits. We created a dual portrait painting and a clay sculpture using air-dry clay.

For the dual portrait project, we took a look at a Missouri art teacher who is on a quest to create 365 self-portraits...or a self-portrait-a-day. Wow! What a task! You can follow him here. Not only does he create varied and interesting self-portraits every day, he ALSO writes a blog post about each one!!

Jim's artwork is a great source of inspiration!!

Sadly, the second session was cut short by a couple of weeks because of the tornado.

The third session was held over the summer, watch updates from the summer session soon!!

If you are thinking about taking Art Lounge, the fourth session begins the Monday after Labor Day in September, running 9 weeks this fall. The class will meet from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and the cost of the class includes dinner at every session! Art making and dinner, how awesome is that!? Oh yeah, this fall, we will be visiting the studio of a local artist. It will be great!!

The following photos are from the dual self portrait paintings.  We had to show two versions of ourselves simultaneously.

You can see a video of us working in this post.

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