Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art the news!

Art lounge, a hip, safe place for students to explore the visual arts.

Watch this video clip to find out more about this class at Spiva!

Check out the behind the scenes images from the interviews!

Big thanks to David for formatting the video for our blog!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shadow Street Art Part 1

Inspired by the artist Katie Sokoler, we went took to the streets today during art lounge to create some really cool silhouette shadows!

 First things first. We had to scout out a location. We went on a little walk downtown to find the perfect spots for our 'shadow' characters.
 Then we had to design a 'shadow'....something that would be silly or thought-provoking to follow someone....Everyone chose something unique to their personality.
 We didn't have any black paper, so we painted the design and cut it out!

Check back in a bit to see the shadow street art figures in action!

castlevania lords of shadow

Ok, Tea Sage here! My girlfriend and I were playing a castlevania game, on the 360. We played this epic storyline game for 2 days. We killed evil dogs and giant rock monster! We got to the vampires and killed them with the holy cross spell.

We were doing good, but sadly the game did not save and we ended up yelling at the T.V. for 3 hours.

Later that night I had an idea, I could kill vampires for real.

So I ran down stairs and started making wooden stakes. Sharpened my sword and ate some garlic, (sadly no holy water) so I got a prayer book to throw at them. I was ready to own face! I put on my ninja uniform, my sword on my hip and my cross in my hand.

I started to run in the darkness and after running a block! I remembered something..I don't know were vampires live, so i went home and read a book...

I'll find them one day...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Burnt by ACID!!

A glorious day after days of storms, a terrible event had fallen upon me, all the blame goes to the doofus from the last hour of alchemy!! (a.k.a fun fun chemistry with mountain man)

It all started with a boring lab that we had already done in the past, but just a little more complex, we were just mixing acids and bases with this magical liquid that turns stuff hot pink. I knew the dangers of working with acids and bases so I stepped back and let my team do their work.

It was very relaxing, I enjoyed the priviledge of watching my team do all the work and the luxury of making fun of my teacher since he can't see colors well. I leaned back on the edge of the lab table using my left arm as a support, suddenly the evil shadows had shown themselves, making me their prey. They had crawled beneath my sensitive skin and stimulating my nerves even under this luminous they grinned with their sharp teeth like bloody vampires!

And as the pain approaches me, the feeling of thousands of needles stabbing me continuously in the arm had  turned my attention into the animal instinct of fighting back at it. Through the forest of student desk and across the portal, into the land of waste I ran... I must destroy and dispose of it at once!! Water carried away my pain and the gentleness of a paper towel( not that soft...) had ceased the evil force of acids.

Down the scary path.

A few years ago, as a counselor-in-training me and 3 others girls lived in a very creepy, run-down two-story house.

One evening, after playing Swap, probably the best card ever, we started talking.
One of the girls, who we all called Skuttle, told us a story of a former girl scout camp where a man escaped from prison. In the middle of the night, he snuck into camp and killed two girls. It happened in the 70's but we were still scared all the same.

Night had come, and by this point, we were too scared to even walk 10 feet from our front door to the bathroom. We were texting(yes, we're terrible Girl Scouts) our camp 'mom', Pantsu, frantically, asking her to come back, telling her how scared we were.

She kept telling us to calm down, that we were being silly. Eventually, Panstu bribed us with soda, movies and AC to shut up and stop texting her.

Frightened as we were, we would rather be scared with soda, than scared without. Skuttle and I decided we needed 'weapons'. Skuttle claimed a curtain rod that had fallen down a few days before, Tatum had matches and bug spray, Sketch had I don't remember, and I, a rainbow bra.

Before heading out the front door, we had a huddle, planning our route. We had to run about 100 yards, in the dark, and trying to avoid a huge fire ring and hay bales to get to Pantsu's house.

But before we could even think about that we had to find the courage to make it past the blind spot created by the trees that surrounded our home.

After some deep breaths and counting to 10, we bolted, the heavy homemade screen door slapping behind us. Tatum, Skuttle, Sketch, and I ran without stopping, 'weapons' in hand, wrapped in our favorite blankets to the small little house, far away from ours.

We were so happy to be with all three of our camp 'moms'(hey, we needed a lot of love), watching movies , drinking soda. Somewhere in there, we all fell asleep, in the strangest places. I woke up on a very dirty and cold tile floor, Tatum was lucky and got a couch, Skuttle was cuddled up with a life guard buoy,and sketch fell asleep on top of a desk.

Later that summer, me and Tatum went joy ridding down that road. (Pictured above)

I had a blonde moment, and crashed our awesome golf cart. "Oh I wonder where that go-" Crash! I ran over a small tree that had fallen and hit another one. Grandmother Willow told our camp 'mom', and we officially lost all of our golf cart privileges.

Post and photo by marshmellow lover.

My Dog Gizmo

Last year I got this dog. He is black and white.  He is little. He has black eyes. His name is Gizmo. He is one really happy dog.

He acts like a little human. Gizmo gets up on the table the knocks on the door. He sits on the couch. He will lay on the bed like a person. He watches T.V. for half of the day. He gets up on two feet.

He is like a cat. Gizmo is sneaky around the house. He jumps on stuff just like a cat would. He is nice to cats and really loves them. Sometimes he will walk in circles and then lays down.

I love my dog/human/cat pet.

artwork and post by the creative blast guy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Self portrait fun!

 So, in Art Lounge this week, we made Polaroid self portraits in the style of Danny Brito. It took a bit, but it was major fun. And these are our awesome Polaroids.

It's supposed to be a self portrait of me but I don't think I look as good in real life haha

 Hmmm.... I dunno really what to say. I love music...? I'm an artist, I guess...?

Hi! I'm DarthJango. I made my self portrait to show I like playing videogames and tye-dye.
I also made me look similar to John Lennon because I do and there was tye-dye.

this drawling is of myself looking up some wearing a purple shirt. I'm wearing a purple t-shirt and looking up a little the back round is just two colors.

I designed this self portrait to show off my love for dressing up and zebra stripes.
-Poison Ivy

hey! Im Tea Sage. im a guy who loves and trains in the art of the sword but, enjoys drawing with my GF so i drew myself as a love ninja lol. A little silly but makes me smile.