Thursday, April 7, 2011

a vistit to red velvet

Over spring break our parents took us on a trip to Springfield, MO. Our mother has been keeping up with our blog and we told her about the blog, A Beautiful Mess.

Mom knows I love vintage clothes and all the people in our family love cupcakes. So, we got to Red Velvet and they were doing an interview and we walked in.  There were vintage clothes everywhere!

Also, there were old TVs, vintage cameras, etc. Then, we saw the Red Velvet cake shop (inside Red Velvet) and we ordered a snicker doodle cupcake and peanut butter cupcake.  They were the best cupcakes i have ever had! 

My favorite part was the dressing room where you can try on all of the clothes for sale there, and the vintage hats I could also try on.

We also got to be on the news broadcast they were having. I am very lucky to have gotten the experience to go to Red Velvet and meet another blogger just like me.

My brother has also written about his experience on his blog, The Creative Blast go check it out!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shadows run rampant!

April has come and with it, fabulous weather. We're all in shorts and summer shirts with the windows open. Today was the first day that not only the weather was nice, but that  the wind was tolerable. We took advantage of our window of opportunity to finish a project we started a few weeks ago.

 Way back in March, we started the silhouette project. We walked around and worked so long and hard on our shadows, but the wind was just not feelin' it that day. It almost made away with Preston's pikachu.

Well, anyways, the wind allowed us to carry out our  project and 'deface' downtown =)

An awesome group shot =)