Monday, November 19, 2012


i did my background the way i did because i LOVE the beach, alot. I love sitting on the beach on the sand, and swimming in the ocean. i just got a bunch of crazy cool things, and out them together. i did the pearls and "treasure" looking things because i think of pirates and what not would go with the beach.i love the birds, the people, the sun. everything.  so Welcome To My Beach!! -Ruth.

hello people of the internet, Chadan here from the creative splash to tell you a little about this creepy and possibly disturbing image. So basically this is a mini set inspired by death, it depicts death (the robed figure) taking away a woman who is represented my a baby head to the afterlife by going throw a strange field where nothing lives. Scatted in the field are objects the represent lost hopes and dreams.
I chose a fish because it stuck out to me the most and it inspired me to make a fishbowl background with seaweed. I chose to put snakes coming out of it because it made it look unique and i put a top hat on him because it looked cute. He is on a golden pedestal surrounded with  pastel colored puff balls and snakes coming up too him.

I did the background because I was inspired by the Owl City music video "Vanilla Twilight" with the color changing sky. After that, I started gathering things that would go along with the beach theme and the lighthouse. The octopus came first. Then, I gathered the umbrellas and birds. Last came the moss and the pebbles underneath the moss.

My name is Lauren and this is my picture-scape. It's a dinosaur scene (obviously). I'm not really sure what inspired me to make the scene but it turned out pretty good.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


For 3 weeks in October, we worked on a project that was perfect for the up coming holidays of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. You often see people wear skeleton t-shirts this time of year, but we decided to make our own! First though, you really have to study the human skeleton to know how all those bones fit together. We had a life size model of a skeleton to draw preliminary sketches from...
 After we felt confident about our sketches we drew them onto our black t-shirts with washable chalk, and then painted skeletons onto our tees. They came out looking pretty cool and were done just in time for the spooky holiday! On the last day of our 3 class period project, Hunter Dowell a senior MSSU Theater major, came to tell us about creative careers in theater. We got to see and hear about his influences and inspirations for costume design...
Hunter then did a demo on stage makeup and showed us how to make our faces to look like Dia de los Muertos skulls. We then did a photo shoot of us in our t-shirts.

Thanks so much for the awesome lecture Hunter!

Last of all, we had some extra time so we did a couple exquisite corpse drawings. This is a fun collaborative drawing activity where you fold a piece of paper in half, one person draws something from the waist up, the other person draws something from the waist down. No peaking or it ruins the surprise! You get some pretty crazy results.