Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Burnt by ACID!!

A glorious day after days of storms, a terrible event had fallen upon me, all the blame goes to the doofus from the last hour of alchemy!! (a.k.a fun fun chemistry with mountain man)

It all started with a boring lab that we had already done in the past, but just a little more complex, we were just mixing acids and bases with this magical liquid that turns stuff hot pink. I knew the dangers of working with acids and bases so I stepped back and let my team do their work.

It was very relaxing, I enjoyed the priviledge of watching my team do all the work and the luxury of making fun of my teacher since he can't see colors well. I leaned back on the edge of the lab table using my left arm as a support, suddenly the evil shadows had shown themselves, making me their prey. They had crawled beneath my sensitive skin and stimulating my nerves even under this luminous they grinned with their sharp teeth like bloody vampires!

And as the pain approaches me, the feeling of thousands of needles stabbing me continuously in the arm had  turned my attention into the animal instinct of fighting back at it. Through the forest of student desk and across the portal, into the land of waste I ran... I must destroy and dispose of it at once!! Water carried away my pain and the gentleness of a paper towel( not that soft...) had ceased the evil force of acids.

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