Wednesday, March 23, 2011

castlevania lords of shadow

Ok, Tea Sage here! My girlfriend and I were playing a castlevania game, on the 360. We played this epic storyline game for 2 days. We killed evil dogs and giant rock monster! We got to the vampires and killed them with the holy cross spell.

We were doing good, but sadly the game did not save and we ended up yelling at the T.V. for 3 hours.

Later that night I had an idea, I could kill vampires for real.

So I ran down stairs and started making wooden stakes. Sharpened my sword and ate some garlic, (sadly no holy water) so I got a prayer book to throw at them. I was ready to own face! I put on my ninja uniform, my sword on my hip and my cross in my hand.

I started to run in the darkness and after running a block! I remembered something..I don't know were vampires live, so i went home and read a book...

I'll find them one day...

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